Friday, 13 January 2012

Happy new fish in Bird...

Two weeks ago.....

...Ok, come on, think positive. We are creative and we have solved so many problems in our lives. It can’t be that hard to find the perfect outfit for this New Years Eve party...

My friend and I are sipping from our glass of wine and sit down with our Iphones surfing the Internet. Nothing crosses our mind, not a single fantastic idea. I’m just wondering if we need something stronger than wine when the waitress enters our table. ,,You girls look a bit stressed. What’s up?’’ asks the friendly girl. We explain that we are looking for a great outfit. ,,We need to dress up as our favourite animal from the Zoo and we don’t want a rented animal suit. It has to be a bit stylish you know.’’ The girl smiles, well maybe I can help.” She now has our fully attention. ,,You can?” we say out loud. She tells us about her own vintage store and shows two vintage playsuits from the eighties on her computer. One is blue and the other is brown. ,,One of you can go as a fish and the other as a lion.’’

I totally shine, when we are leaving the café. The party is going to be just.. I mean with this great playsuit and my new colourful long lashes, it will be the best New Years Eve ever…

…And it was, it really was a great, unforgettable night. I hope you had a wonderfull night too and I wish you all a happy, lovely and successfull 2012!


Playsuit: Doortje Vintage
Lashes: Ici Paris
Lipstick: Estee Lauder
Club: Bird

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