Friday, 9 December 2011

Opening Flagship store L’ecole National

Yesterday evening the Swedish brand L’ecole National opened their first flagship store outside Scandinavia. 

To be honest I never heard of the brand before, but as I love Scandinavian brands, I was very curious about the collection. The collection for man and woman looked great; trendy, classic and timeless so to say. I completely felt in love with a pair of black trousers with parts of another fabric on the front and a beautiful classic large black coat.

‘Hey you’re a famous rapper isn’t it?’

L’ecole National’s founder and designer Soheil Norozi of course also joined the opening. I wanted to talk with Soheil and ask him so many things, but I was a little bit nervous (just a tiny little bit you know..) So after a couple of cocktails I gathered myself together and walked towards the man. He was standing behind the microphone so I made a joke, ‘hey you’re a famous rapper isn’t it?’ He looked at me and must have seen the panic on my face, so friendly as he was; he smiled about my stupid joke. We talked about his new store and in the meanwhile I was hoping that my boyfriend was taking great pictures of us. But he wasn’t doing anything! He probably knew what I was thinking and pointed towards my right shoulder. I looked to my right and saw the camera hanging around my own shoulder, oh crab!

Anyway, it was a great night; we also met photographer and music publisher Jan Olofsson who had a small exposition in the shop with photos he made of famous people like Jimmy Hendriks & the Stones in the 60ties and I talked with the owner of the shop, Alex Beqiri.
Enjoy the pictures and visit the store when you’re in Rotterdam and have a look at their website

Jacket: Inwear
Blouse: Topshop

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  1. Cute Photos :-) The clothes look so sleek, Polished and cool; but a little bit Pricey !!
    It looks like you had fun, it must have been an interesting evening :)


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