Monday, 5 December 2011

Go your own way

Everywhere I go in Rotterdam, I go by bicycle. I really love it :) I can park my bike everywhere and don't have problems with those city traffic jams. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that it’s hard times wearing a small skirt or dress on my bike. And most of the time I almost fall down a couple of times when I wear high heels (it's simply not doable for a girl). So actually I need a vehicle that can drive me through the city without putting my skirt to the top of my legs. One that I can put everywhere in the city without paying for it and that makes it possible to wear high heels (and I don’t mean the 5 centimetre heels, but my 12 centimetre ones..)

Yes I hear you thinking.....why don’t you buy a scooter? Well I hate the noisy sound and it’s very expensive cause of the fuel. But maybe I now found the solution, the electronic scooter. It make no sound at all and obviously doesn’t need fuel. I was very curious how this e-scooter would drive and luckely I got the chance to make a reportage about this scooter for the newspaper I work for, Algemeen Dagblad.

When I saw the e-scooter I was quite impressed. I thought it would look corny, but actually it looks very cool and you can drive very smootly on it. And more important, because I don’t need to move my legs I can wear skirts and dresses AND high heels, me like! I’m convinced, now I need to find some money....

Underneath you will find the article about the e-scooter that was posted today at Algemeen Dagblad (only available in Dutch, sorry) and pictures I made on my second test drive. 
                Ph/ Hélène Vermeulen for Today I wear Fashion

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