Sunday, 26 February 2012

MAC Foundation

A good friend of my has a perfect skin, it looks healthy and shiny all the time, also when she has been partying a lot. So the other day I asked her what's her secret.. ,, Are you serious? My face is full of little unevenness!’’ she answered. ,,You must use a good make-up foundation.’’ With this information in my mind, the next day I ran to the MAC store. With a little bit of panic in my voice I asked the saleswoman which foundation colour would suit me the best. She picked one and brought the stuff on the half of my face. When I looked in the mirrow I was amazed, the left half of my face looked so much better then the other half and you didn’t even noticed the foundation! ,, When you are using foundation, it’s important to scrub your face at least twice a week. You do scrub your face, do you?’’ she asked me. Urrr not exactly, why? The woman looked at me like I was a four years old child which had to be told that it was really important to clean your hands after going to the toilet..

When I was standing outside the MAC store I had this tremendously need to walk to a man (men will alsways be honest to you) and ask him if he could see if I was wearing foundation. But before I did that I thought I might be strange to ask a complete stranger such a silly question and I thought it was better to focus on my new challenge; finding a good and affordable (the MAC foundation was allready not that cheap) scrub. Finally I bought a Nivea scrub and after using it a couple of times I have to admid, my skin feels and looks so much better!

This time I will not post an outfit pic, but one of my make-up so you can see my (almost
:-) ) perfect skin. Let me know what you think of it?

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Eyeshadow: Bobbi Brown/Shimmer Brick Compact
Bobbi Brown/Bare Pink no.9
Blush: MAC/Pink Swoon
Foundation: MAC/Studio Fix Fluid NW20

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  1. It looks perfect :-) I really like your ethnic head scarf…


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