Friday, 29 July 2011


Hello lovely clothes, have we already met? You look nice today. I love Danish brands. 'Well than you're at the right shop'. Omg are the clothes now really talking to me? I turn around and I see a girl smiling at me, it’s the owner of this beautiful shop, called Louen. She looks young and gorgeous. She started this shop 5 months ago. The shop is established at a nice square with lots of other nice shops. It’s cosy and I love it.

So today I wear fashion at Louen. The owner of this shop is putting my changing room full of clothes and I like them all! The clothes are from brands like Modstrom, Eleven Paris and Soaked in Luxery. She also gives me some jewellery to complete the looks. When I have changed I look at the mirror; wow I like it! The fabrics are so soft; it doesn’t only look good it also feels good too!  Wendy is making pictures of me, it’s so much fun. I want to do this every day

Well let me know what you think of the outfits. Which one do you like most? I bought one of the pieces. Guess which one that was…

Ohh and good news! They have a new collection almost every month at Louen and they also have a web shop! Check for more information.

Enjoy the pics we've made!

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