Friday, 6 May 2011

Freaky Friday colours

Have you heard about the colour blocking thing? Well I love it but it's too much colour for me right now. I did a little bit of colour blocking on my nails and it feels like I'm fourteen again..funny! When I was that age I also painted my nails different colours. But my mom didn't allow me to go to school that way. But now I've grown up (well I got older but I'm still the same size..poor me) and I can decide for my own. This morning I went to an interview and I saw the girl looking at my nails and I thought, ohh gosh maybe it wasn't such a good idea.. But then she said 'I love the colours on your nails'. 'You do?' I asked. And there was my big smile again :-)

Thanks for reading my blog so far. Leave a message if you like, I would love to read your comments. Oh and this time the pics are made by my friend Armand and I think they are great!

Thanks everyone and have a nice weekend!

Pics are made by Armand Lacle

Orange shirt: H&M
Pink shirt: River Island
Trousers: H&M
Jacket: Levi's
Bracelets: H&M 
Ring: Pieces
Nail varnish: Koh 

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  1. I ' ve been reading your posts and so far I really like your blog :-) The colour blocking in your nails and outfit is adorable.

    Have a great weekend!!


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