Thursday, 16 February 2012


,,You didn’t give me the first look,’’ my boyfriend says indignantly. Five seconds ago he stepted into our house. He went to London for a couple of days for a business trip. I’ve asked him to bring me some fashion magazines from the UK and when he walked inside the room I could’t take my eyes of the plastic bag in his hand, because I knew the magazines where in it. ,,I’m glad you are happy seeing me again,’’ he says a bit odd and puts the plastic bag away. He has a really quirky sense of humour. I mean he knows I can’t wait to get these magazines; still he is not giving them to me...

He sits down next to me. ,,Are you in fond of fashion magazines?’’ he asks. Am I in fond of magazines? I pause as though trying to think this over. I think at the enormous mountain of magazines upstairs in my room. Well I wouldn’t say fond. It’s just that I need it, to practise my english. For a fashion blogger it’s a necessary chore, because I’ve to get updated with the latest trends. I see him thinking. Will he think I’m crazy? Am I crazy? Oh god, maybe I am! Then he walks towards the bag. ,,Next time when I get home I want you to give me the first look, not this bag full of magazines, ok?’’ he says with a smile on his face. Ok, ok, ok, I say with an even bigger smile. Thank you so much for bringing the magazines love! 

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Because we couldn’t shoot pictures together for my blog, I made some myself with the delayed action shutter. I choose combining bold colours and prints, because I love it! And as I read in magazines :-) colours and prints are everywhere this season.
                 Photo/ Chantal Lindsen for Today I wear Fashion
Blazer: via Sister Moon
Blouse: Soaked in Luxery
Leggings: bought in Japan
Shoes: via Sister Moon
Necklace and bracelets: H&M


  1. Very nice!!

    have a nice day, dear!

    1. Have a nice day too and thnks for your sweet comment Gabriele!


  2. You look so pretty!!! I really love your shoes and the colour of the blazer!!!

  3. loooove this outfit :D you look brilliant! the colours are gorgeous

  4. You look amazing dear!
    Gorgeous blog! Following! Follow abck? <3

  5. i love the color combinations of your outfits :)


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